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Avid is the world's leading provider of audio and video technology for media organizations and professionals. Avid solutions are used to create, distribute and effectively monetize some of the most prestigious films, music recordings and news broadcasts. With 25 years of innovation and leadership, Avid has introduced the world to industry-standard software, including Pro Tools, Media Composer and Sibelius. Our Avid Education store provides these same professional products at amazing academic discounts.



Avid C|24


Avid Pro Tools | S3 Control Surface Studio

$4,999.00   $4,736.11

Media Composer | Symphony Option

As Low As:   $295.00

Pro Tools | Dock Control Surface

$1,199.00   $1,105.47

Artist Control

$1,499.00   $949.95

Artist Mix

$1,399.95   $941.65

Avid Pro Tools | Eleven Rack


Avid Sibelius + Ultimate Bundle

$599.00   $549.00

Avid Audio Plug-in Tier 3


Avid PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate and AudioScore Ultimate 8


Avid Audio Plug-in Tier 2


Avid Pro Tools 2018

As Low As:   $99.00

Avid Media Composer v8

As Low As:   $119.95

Avid PhotoScore Ultimate 8


Avid AudioScore Ultimate 8


Sibelius 7 First

$119.95   $114.95

iLok (Version 2) USB Smart Key


Avid iLok 3

$49.95   $45.95

Avid Sibelius 8

$239.00   $95.00

Avid is the world leader in digital audio and video technology. These products are essential to creating the most recognized media in music, movies, broadcasting and more. Avid offers a range of products from music notation and composition software, to digital audio recording hardware, control surfaces, video capture devices, midi keyboards and the most innovative DJ equipment. Avid's media solutions are used by the top musicians, composers, filmmakers, videographers, producers, sound mixers and DJs all over the world.

Studica is proud to bring these professional standards to students, teachers and educational institutions. Avid Pro Tools offers academic discounts, which provide ideal solutions to budget concerns. Pro Tools is constantly evolving with the Avid media platform, and now education can evolve with them. But, you don't have to stop there. Many Avid products offer academic discounts, including Media Composer. Avid's Media Composer is an award winning software program for editing your video footage. At Studica's Avid Education store, you can receive the same tools used by professionals at academic pricing.