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GameDraw for Unity > GameDraw Pro for Unity

GameDraw Pro for Unity

GameDraw Pro addon for Unity

is a modeling extension for

Unity's Game Development Platform

that makes it possible for you now to model, draw, edit and optimize 3D & 2D elements within Unity3d. GameDraw's warehouse offers hundreds of assets to use while developing video games.
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(Includes Non-Commercial API License - GameDraw only works with Unity Game Development Platform)
WindowsMac License/Download
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GameDraw Pro for Unity - School License: price per seat
(Includes Non-Commercial API License - GameDraw only works with Unity Game Development Platform)
Part#: GameDraw-INST
WindowsMac License/Download
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Key Features of GameDraw addon for Unity:

  • Polygonal Modeling, Sculpting, Generation and Optimization Tools
  • UV Editor
  • City Generator
  • Runtime API
  • Warehouse hundreds of assets
  • Character Customizer
  • Mesh Editing ( Vertex, Edge, Triangle, Element)
  • Mesh manipulation functions (Extrude, Weld, Subdivide, Delete, Smooth,…etc)
  • Assigning new Materials
  • Primitives (25 basic model)
  • Sculpting
  • Boolean operations
  • Node based mesh generation
  • 2D tools (Geometry painting, 2D to 3D image tracing)


GameDraw's City Generator is a powerful city generator that allows the generation of huge cities easily with the introduction of 5 types of procedural buildings that can be expanded by the users and 2 types of procedural maps or even distribute existing prefabs throughout the generated city.


Also included is a non-commercial API License.

API Licesne is an addon for GameDraw. It is a  runtime API that can be used to create 3D modelers, customizer and any app that has the purpose of modifying and/or creating 3D models, the API offers all the functionality coming with GameDraw and can be extended or tailored to different needs, it also works on all platforms targeted by Unity, the API is licensed for non-commercial use for education and students 


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