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GameSalad Creator Pro - Windows/Mac Commercial Download for Students, Faculty, & NonProfits. One Year License

Part#: GSCSF

GameSalad Creator Pro is an authoring tool for developing video games in a drag-and-drop fashion, utilizing visual editors and a behavior-based logic system. GameSalad Creator Pro is used by creative professionals such as graphic designers, animators, and game developers for rapidly prototyping, building and self-publishing cross-platform games and other interactive media.

Key Features of GameSalad Creator Pro:

  • Android Publishing
  • iOS In-App Purchase
  • Apple GameCenter
  • App Monetization
  • Windows 8 Publishing
  • Twitter TweetSheet:
  • iAd Revenue
  • External Links
  • Priority Tech Support

See Product Description below for more detail.

Learn More About GameSalad!

With GameSalad Creator Pro you can get additional benefits like Android publishing, in-app purchasing, Apple Game Center, and additional money-generating opportunities!


Key Features of GameSalad Creator Pro:

  • Android Publishing: GameSalad Creator Pro developers have access to export their games for Android publishing. This option includes support for most major Android marketplaces, along with the most popular Android devices, including Amazon Kindle Fire, B&N Nook Color, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  • iOS In-App Purchase: GameSalad Creator Pro developers can engage in the free-to-play model that is taking mobile gaming by storm. No more need for Premium and Lite versions harness the power of unlockable content!
  • Apple GameCenter: Take advantage of Apple's global leaderboard and achievement system with the Game Center Pro behaviors within GameSalad. It is easy to engage your players on a higher level by rewarding them for continued play, outstanding resourcefulness and skill, or just plain awesome luck giving them even more reasons to play your game again and again.
  • Priority Tech Support: As a Professional GameSalad Developer, you also receive priority technical support. Priority technical support requests will receive an initial response from GameSalad within 24 hours on business days, and additional assistance troubleshooting projects.
  • App Monetization: Through GameSalad's partnerships, Professional developers have access to innovative methods of monetizing their apps which allows them to capitalize on the wave of Free-to-Play game popularity. GameSalad partner PlayHaven provides developers with a fast "check-box" way to introduce lucrative ads in your game, with no intrusion to gameplay.
  • iAd Revenue: Free apps get more downloads than paid ones. But that doesn’t mean all that work gets you nothing. With GameSalad “Show iAd” pro behavior, you can integrate an entire revenue channel into your game in seconds.
  • External Links: Using the Open URL pro behavior, draw players to your other titles for increased sales, entice them to leave a review on the App Store, or direct them to nearly any destination on the web. Just apply the behavior to an actor and enter in your link.
  • Twitter TweetSheet: It's easier than ever for players to share experiences from your game with everyone around the world with Twitter TweetSheet. Create your own custom messages at select points of gameplay, or let your players decide where and what to tweet. Also, each tweet will automatically generate a link to your game in the App Store. (iOS 5+ only)
  • Windows 8 Publishing: Windows 8 includes new features that will allows end users to have a cool icon of their favorite applications on the Modern UI desktop.

Other Key Features of GameSalad Creator Pro:

  • Edit your profile, as well as stay on top of the latest GameSalad and iOS developments, without having to switch programs or browsers using GameSalad community news through the new dashboard.
  • The GameSalad Arcade allows you to publish to web with HTML5, and makes your game as easy to share as a YouTube video
  • Put your game on iOS and Android App Stores in a matter of days making it available to more than 250 million devices worldwide
  • Drag & Drop your own art and sound into your game right from your desktop.
  • Create complex actions from a long list of basic and established game behaviors.
  • Test your games directly on a device. Store recently tested games on your device and show them off anywhere.

System Requirements:


For Windows:

Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. Android SDK for Android support.

Core 2 Duo or Later CPU required. Minimum of 2GB of RAM recommended.



For Mac:

Mac OSX Lion or Later. Xcode 4.3 with Command Line Tools and iOS Support. Android SDK for Android support.

Core 2 Duo or Later CPU required. Minimum of 2GB of RAM recommended.

GameSalad Game Creation Engine

Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent product

    by on

    I made a research hard and found gamesalad. I was checking each related product. But I see GameSalad is best. It just depends your creativity to give a best game.

    Location: India

  2. Gamesalad crwator Pro is an excellent tool

    by on

    Speeds up the development process. Thank you!

    Location: New York

  3. Well Done!

    by on

    This Software is Amazing!

    Location: New York, NY

  4. Awesome

    by on

    Its really easy to make your own game with gamesalad

  5. Fantastico programma

    by on

    Fantastico programma per sviluppo app iOS e Android e windows

    I am a student
    I am using this product for studio e sviluppo
    Location: roma

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