Makeblock Brackets and Plates

Shop and save on the latest Makeblock Brackets and Plates, including Makeblock Versatile Motor Bracket, Makeblock Plate 0324, Makeblock Plate 45. Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

Makeblock Plate 3x6


Makeblock Stiffener


Makeblock Triangle Plate 6x8


Makeblock Servo Bracket A


Makeblock Base Bracket B


Makeblock 8mm Bearing Bracket A


Makeblock Versatile Motor Bracket


Makeblock U Bracket B


Makeblock Bracket U1


Makeblock U-Bracket-C


Makeblock Plate I1


Makeblock DC Motor-25 Bracket B


Makeblock 42BYG Stepper Motor Bracket B-Blue

$6.99   $4.25

Makeblock Plate 0324


Makeblock Bracket P3


Makeblock Cross Plate


Makeblock Plate 135°


Makeblock Plate 45