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Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 has been updated and is now cleaner, sleeker and easier on the eyes. Word 2013 has new templates and design tools to help you put the finishing touch on your documents, and you’ll find new and updated ways to share and work with others.

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Save 30%

Perpetual License

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Enjoy the new features of Microsoft Word 2013:

  • With the new read mode text reflows automatically in columns to make it easier to read.
  • The new object zoom come into play when you view tables, charts, images, or online videos, a finger tap or mouse click lets you see the detail. When you’re done, another tap or click returns them to their original size.
  • Word 2013 will automatically bookmark your last-visited spot. Enjoy your reading, take a breather, and then pick up where you left off even from a different PC or tablet.
  • With the reply comment place markers your comments are stored next to the text you’re discussing so it’s easy to track the conversation.
  • Save your documents online to SkyDrive or SharePoint by default. Send everyone a link to the same file, along with their viewing and editing permissions, and be assured that everyone sees the latest version.
  • With Word 2013 you can share your document with others even if they don’t have Word. Send them a link, and as you read through the document on your screen, they can follow along in their browsers.
  • Word 2013 makes it easy to polish your document. Add the finishing touch of online videos and photos. Lay them out like a pro with new alignment guides. And enjoy how smoothly Word handles PDF content.
  • Align charts, photos, and diagrams with your text for a polished, professional look. Handy guides pop into place when you need them and disappear when you’re done.
  • Text reflows instantly as you drag a photo, video, or shape to its new position. Release the mouse button, and your object and surrounding text stay where you want them.
  • Open a PDF in Word 2013, and its paragraphs, lists, tables, and other content act just like Word content.

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