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IX-MYDAQ Breakout board for NI myDAQ

The IX-MYDAQ is a breakout board that was designed to be used with the NI myDAQ. It includes connectors to utilize the NI myDAQ analog inputs and outputs with iWorx Systems transducers.

iWorx Breakout Board Specifications:

Analog Inputs:

There are two analog inputs provided, labeled CH 1 and CH 2. These inputs are
female stereo connectors for use with iWorx transducers.

*Note: Attach the IX-MYDAQ AND transducers to the NI myDAQ BEFORE
powering the NI myDAQ.

Analog Outputs:

There are two analog outputs, labeled Out 1 and Out 2. These outputs are
populated with BNC connectors.



Analog Outputs 2, BNC connectors
Analog Inputs 2, 3.5mm Stereo connectors
Excitation Voltage +5V

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