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Explore the innovative and powerful circuit design technology of National Instruments. Together LabVIEW and the NI myDAQ have infinite possibilities. Students + Teachers are eligible for academic discounts on National Instruments labView, myDAQ + more.

National Instruments myDAQ and LabVIEW for Students

NI myDAQ - Student

Starting From: $199.00

NI myDAQ Student Bundles


NI myDAQ and Circuits Textbook Bundle - For Students


NI LabVIEW Student Edition

$1,249.00 $19.99

NI Multisim Student Edition


NI LabVIEW Student Edition Software Suite


Image Processing with LabVIEW and IMAQ Vision


LabVIEW 2009 Student Edition


LabVIEW for Electric Circuits, Machines, Drives, and Laboratories


LabVIEW for Engineers


LabVIEW For Everyone: Graphical Programming Made Easy and Fun


LabVIEW Signal Processing


LabVIEW Style Book


Software Engineering Approach to LabVIEW


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National Instruments is transforming the way engineers, scientists and students around the world design, prototype, and deploy systems for test, control, and embedded design applications throughout countless industries. Learn more!

NI equips engineers, educators and students with powerful and innovative circuit design technology. Educators and students can take advantage of easy-to-use teaching tools to overcome the traditional hurdles of lab accessibility and applying theory in electronics education.

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