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The 1-3-5 Story Structure Made Simple System

Trying to sell or rewrite a screenplay? Written by a former story analyst at a major Hollywood shingle, this streamlined guide walks you through unifying theme, character and spine to create a structurally sound script that can get past the "gatekeepers" at production companies and studios.
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Donna Michelle Anderson (DMA) wrote this book with an emphasis on first-time submissions—because in Hollywood, if you think initial meetings are hard to set up, try getting a second chance if you don’t impress with script number one. With this book, whether you’re writing your first script on your umpteenth rewrite, you finally will have an extraordinarily simple process for writing and pitching work you can be proud of. And if you are evaluating and developing script submissions yourself, the 1-3-5 gives you a simple framework to analyze scripts and FIX them.

Professional Writers - It’s important to respect the difference between writing a novel or stage play and crafting a movie script. Screenplays are driven by active choices that define the internal character arc, which is expertly intertwined with an external mission. We break this down in detail in the book.

First-Time Writers - If it has been suggested to you that writing a screenplay is a way to instant millions, then you were, unfortunately, misled. While it is typical to be “paid to leave” for a first script, getting a pitch meeting, much less a sale, is a Herculean task that can be more work than writing the script in the first place! Your writing schedule should include time and money to effectively shop your script with and without representation, which we address in the blog and the book. And if you need detailed feedback and fixes on a draft, we offer the exceptional 1-3-5 story analysis notes - it is our number one consulting request!

Producers, Directors, Performers - If you are industry talent seeking a vehicle to promote your own career, you may be considering writing your own screenplay to produce. Digital media has radically changed access to the indie film world! It is absolutely feasible to craft and shoot your own project; but we encourage you to be unyielding in developing a structurally sound story so funding and attachments will be simpler. We address this in the blog, the book and our Movie in a Box seminars, which we currently are updating for the Web.

•What is story structure and why do I need it?
•What is the process of drafting a script?
•Do I need an agent, and how do I get one?
•How do I work with a writing partner?
•How do I turn my life into a screenplay?
•And much more!

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