Robotics & Automation

Design, construct and operate your very own robot. Studica provides a vast range of robotics products that address every level of expertise. From simple introductory kits, to intermediate and advanced DIY Robotic kits with various model types and spare parts, Studica has a Robot Kit for everyone. Take advantage of the very best in Robotics with our wide selection of these top Robot and DIY brands:

SumoBot Competition Kit


Boe-Bot Elec Component Kit


fischertechnik Education Mechanics 2.0



$118.00   $98.00

Makeblock Lab Robot Kit

$699.99   $629.99

Arlo Complete Robot System


littleBits Steam Education Class Pack

As Low As:   $1,199.95

XYZrobot Y-01 Bolide

As Low As:   $699.95

Board of Education Full Kit - USB


Robotics with the Boe-Bot Parts Kit


WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2017


fischertechnik Robotics TXT Discovery Set

$518.40   $460.00

fischertechnik ROBO TX Automation Robots

$259.20   $230.00

fischertechnik 3-D Robot

$979.00   $800.00

fischertechnik Robotics TXT Controller

$380.16   $335.00

fischertechnik Robotics Mini Bots

$129.60   $115.00

fischertechnik Education Robotics & Electropneumatics

$226.80   $215.00

fischertechnik Education Robotics: Mini Bots

$137.70   $130.00