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CNC Workshop 2.0

The CNC Workshop 2, by Nanfara, Uccello & Murphy - ISBN: 978-1-58503-083-5, the only CNC-related text with simulation software, and multimedia CBT content, is a flexible, unique package where the programming code that is learned and generated by the student can either be sent to an actual machine or to the simulation software.

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Part# 978-1-58503-083-5


It is an excellent simulation and animation tool for milling and turning, which can be used to test existing programs or write and edit new ones. This book covers the basics of Computer Numerical Control programming, including step-by-step coverage of machining processes, fundamentals of CNC and basic CNC programming concepts. It can be used as a stand-alone text in a hands-on CNC course or can be used as a supplement in a comprehensive manufacturing process or numerical controls course. The book and software package is an excellent instruction tool for CNC programming.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to CNC
-The Evolution of NC
-Microcomputer Technology
-NC Applications
-CNC Controllers
-The CNC Process
-Lab Exercises

2. CNC Fundamentals and Vocabulary
-Axis and Motion Nomenclature
-CNC Milling Fundamentals
-CNC Turning Fundamentals
-Lab Exercises

3. Programming Concepts
-CNC Codes
-Using a Programming Sheet
-Block Format
-Preparing to Program
-Program Zero
-Tool Motion
-Using Canned Cycles
-Lab Exercises

4. Interactive Simulation Software
-Installation and Setup
-Getting Started

5. CNC Milling
-Letter Address Listing
-Step-by-Step Milling Examples
-Lab Exercises.

6. Turning
-Letter Address Listing
-Step-by-Step Turning Examples
-Lab Exercises

7. Introduction to CAD/CAM
-The Basic CAD/CAM System
-Computer-Aided Design
-Computer-Aided Manufacturing
-The CAD/CAM System
-Overall Benefits of CAD/CAM
-Lab Exercises

8. Workbook Exercises
-Workbook Exercises
-Advanced Exercises

-Appendix A: Answers to Lab Exercises
-Appendix B
-Appendix C

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