Tormach provides personal CNC (PCNC) and small CNC machines, CNC tooling and lathes, CNC accessories, CNC software, upgrades, and more.

PCNC 440 Deluxe Package with Stand


PCNC 770 Extended Warranty


PCNC 770 CNC milling machine Series 3 Starter Package


PCNC 770 Education Package


PCNC 770 Part Maker Package


PNC 1100 Extended Warranty


PCNC 1100 3 Axis Mill Starter Package


PCNC 1100 Education Package


PCNC 1100 Part Maker Package


TORMACH 15L Slant-PRO CNC Lathe with Turret


15L Slant-PRO Deluxe Education Package


4th Axis Kit


4th Axis kit - 8" Tilting motorized rotary table


3 Jaw Chuck for 6" table


4th Axis Kit - 6" Table


4th Axis kit - 6" Tilting motorized rotary table


Tailstock for Rotary Table 6"


ATC Steel Fork


ATC Plastic Fork Spring


Bag of 20 Nylon Hex Bolts for ATC


Tormach Basic 3 Piece Indicator Set


Clamp Kit for 5/8 inch T-Slots


TTS Manual Operator's Set (Metric)


TTS Inch Set with Tormach Tool Assistant Set


TTS Manual Operator's Set (Inch)


TTS Metric Set with Tormach Tool Assistant Set


Machinist Vise


Shuttle Jog Controller


Mini USB Keyboard


USB Extension - 10'


1-2-3 Block Set


Extension Cable with 5-Pin DIN Male-Female, 6Ft


Keyboard Cover


LCD 17 inch Computer Monitor


Pressure Sensor Accessory for ATC


USB bulkhead mount cable


Work Stop for Vise for TORMACH


6 Inch Parallel Set