Girls Really Enjoy Engineering & Science: The 3D-GREES Story

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Recently, Studica had the pleasure of speaking with Yolanda Epps, Assistant Principal at Douglas Byrd High School and 3D-GREES Program Coordinator, about their innovative program. GREES is an acronym that stands for Girls Really Enjoy Engineering & Science. This program is an innovative practicum experience for girls designed to expose them to science, 3D technology, increase achievement and improve attendence. And it's working! … Read More

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What is 3D Printing & How Does It Work?

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Simply defined 3D printing is the process of creating a three dimensional solid object from a digital model. Basically, its the same concept of printing as when you print word documents off your computer. The difference is that instead of paper you are using building materials like PLA or ABS plastics. Instead of getting a piece of paper you are … Read More

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