A Look at the National Instruments myRIO

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MyRIOI recently had the opportunity to visit the National Instruments headquarters in Austin, Texas.  While I was there, I was shown a demonstration of their myRIO Data Acquisition device.

The myRIO basically takes the NI myDAQ to the next level. It has a built-in processor as well as its own memory so it can meet the demands of higher-end projects.  It also has a wireless card on it so that it can be accessed via network locations. This allows the myRIO to be seamlessly integrated with National Instruments’ mobile apps such as the NI Data Dashboard. The myRIO has the same inputs as the myDAQ but also includes two extra MXP connectors that reside on the opposite side of the device.

National Instruments myRIO & LabVIEW

The myRIO works seamlessly with National Instruments’ industry standard LabVIEW software. The extra processing power and the added MXP connections open up a whole new world of possibilities. No longer will you be limited by the hardware of your device. The MyRIO enables you to write large programs and run them with ease.

The myRIO is specifically targeted towards the Higher Education Market. It’s designed with real-world engineering in mind. Many universities have already adopted it and implemented it into their curriculum. Coupled with the LabVIEW software, the myRIO enables engineering students to execute high-end code that is more reflective of the type of work that is being done in the industry. In this way, it better prepares students for their careers.

Don’t forget that National Instruments also has many other data acquisition devices available for use with LabVIEW. Some of these devices include the myQuake, myGrid, myTemp, myDSP, as well as Studica’s very own mySTEM Project Board.
With all of these tools available, National Instruments is continuing to lead the way with STEM education. The myRIO device only carries on their legacy of cutting-edge technology and software for engineers.

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