Rosetta Stone Language Learning Solutions for Higher Education

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Rosetta Stone Language Learning Solutions for Higher Education

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Studica now offers industry-leading Rosetta Stone language-learning solutions to post-secondary institutions*. Colleges and universities can enhance the ability of students, faculty, and staff to build language skills with two powerful options. Designed for education organizations, the Foundations and Advantage programs provide educators and their students with a variety of proven learning paths. These unique language-learning programs are available with special education pricing. We encourage you to contact Studica’s specifically trained, education consultants who can evaluate your needs and goals to determine the program that will work best for you.

Why Rosetta Stone for Higher Education?

Rosetta Stone technology-based, language-learning solutions Rosetta Stone can easily enhance any language course, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Use it to help your traditional and your non-traditional students. International students may have difficulty adjusting to a new country, a new culture and a new language. Participating in the Rosetta Stone programs for English will get them acclimated and comfortable much faster. The same can be said for ESL (English as a Second Language) students. Do you have a study-abroad program? Do you offer service learning trips? Need to develop your faculty and staff’s language skills? You can begin to envision the many different ways these programs can benefit your institution.

Rosetta Stone Advanced Language Solutions

Rosetta Stone offers much more than introductory language learning! They provide specific programs for developing intermediate to advanced language skills. Bring students closer to true proficiency with the Advantage program. Using a comprehensive approach, your students will build their language skills by working with real-world scenarios that focus on business practices, history, culture and more.

What Does Rosetta Stone Offer Instructors?

Rosetta Stone is a powerful language learning tool that an instructor can use to complement a class, for independent study, as an online course, or simply to assist students who need a little extra help. This powerful e-Learning solution is flexible – it can be structured or self-paced. Students can learn in a lab setting, on their PCs, and with the new mobile app, they can learn almost anywhere.

Instant speech feedback tools are a great aid to help them practice good pronunciation. Track and measure success with administrative and management tools. Detailed reports help you access learners’ weaknesses and their strengths. You have the tools to customize the learning pathway. Rosetta Stone offers instructors the tools they need for success with the Foundations and the Advantage program.

Students attending post-secondary institutions are also eligible to purchase a 1 year Rosetta Stone license with a unique student offer at Studica.

*Note: These Higher Education Programs are currently only available in the United States.

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