Expanding Simulation Tools with solidThinking Inspire

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Expanding Simulation Tools with solidThinking Inspire

In recent years the concept of simulation-driven design; specifically topology optimization and generative design have gained significant popularity. solidThinking excels at providing innovative tools created specifically for this space. Design simulation helps manufacturers to digitally model designs to represent a real-world component to validate an intended product and determine its manufacturability. It helps to reduce prototyping costs, and cycle time to market … Read More

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Use Melodyne to Work Magic on your Audio

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Work Magic on your Audio with Melodyne

Melodyne is a staple for recording artists and engineers. Simply stated Melodyne by Celemony is a software application for Mac and PC that allows you to edit audio in a completely new, more musical way. You don’t work with a generic waveform, but instead with actual notes. You have great control of each and every note. At the note level, … Read More

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Now at Studica: PTC Academic Program for Schools

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Since Studica has become part of the PTC Academic Program by offering student solutions, we have received a lot of positive feedback from the educational community. We are now a proud supplier of PTC Academic Program for schools. PTC is responsible for providing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to 28,000 major companies worldwide. This company is dedicated to developing technology that … Read More

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fischertechnik Fan Spotlight: future Engineer, Zachery Key

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If you are a regular reader of this page, you’re probably quite accustomed to hearing me talk about all the great ways fischertechnik can be used to explore engineering, robotics and other STEM related fields. You’ve probably also heard me say that the ideal way to use fischertechnik in the classroom is to use the instructions which come with each … Read More

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2013 Autodesk Student Suites Announced (No Watermarks!)

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Students who aspire to be designers, architects, digital artists and engineers who want professional grade software that they can afford should be excited for the new 2012 Autodesk design and creation suites. These suites offer students the ability to work on the software professionals use and utilize fully functional commercial industry applications.

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Minecraft Surpasses 20 Million Registered Users

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I felt a need to understand why this game has become so addictive for my boys and their friends. Its retro look focuses on construction and creativity. Think Lego blocks, but on-screen with no instruction manual. Besides this component, there is considerable freedom to design and pursue your nonlinear objective.

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National Instruments Hardware and Software in Ontario’s Energy SHSM

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I was able to use hardware from the Fischertechnik Oeco Tech Renewable Energies Kit to construct the Solar Array, complete with DC Motor. The solar tracker is a part of this kit, and comes with graphical instructions for assembly and wiring. With this, I was able to add two Light Sensors and design a simple system for control using LabVIEW.

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