RealCare Baby FAQ

  • What is the Total Parenting Experience?
    The RealCare Total Parenting Experience is a comprehensive program developed by experts at Realityworks, Inc. With the Pregnancy Profile Simulator, the RealCare Baby Simulators, and curricula resources, educators are afforded realistic course material that will help them teach career exploration, human development, parenting and so much more.

    Discover what's included in the Total Parenting Experience. For more information, take a look at the Realitworks Catalogue 2016 or call us at 1.800.561.7520.

  • Where can I find support for an existing program?
    Contact us at 1.800.561.7520 or via e-mail at

  • How do I care for the baby's batteries?
    Proper storage and maintenance is important to ensure your RealCare Baby functions properly. Review this RealCare Battery Maintenance document for important storage and maintenance instructions.

Please feel free to contact Studica with any further questions or concerns regarding your Realityworks RealCare Baby products.