TETRIX is the preferred building system for the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). Heavy-duty elements including metal gears, motors, plates, channels, and more are included in each set to provide teams with everything they need to build a competition robot. Now, you can purchase extra robotic components at our TETRIX FTC Parts Store. Replace parts or keep extras on-hand, we have everythinig you need to stay on track!

Tetrix FTC Competition Set


Tetrix Prime 6MM ID x 8MMod Bronze Bushings


Tetrix Max 5" All-Terrain Tire Kit


Tetrix Max Axle Pack


Tetrix Max 485 Servo Pack


Tetrix Max Keep Nut (100 Pack)


Tetrix Max DC Motor Mount


Tetrix Max DC Motor Power Lead


Tetrix Max Flats 288 MM


Tetrix Max Flats 96 MM


Tetrix Max Linear Slide Pack


Tetrix Max Motor Shaft Hubs


Tetrix Max Sprocket and Chain Pack


Tetrix Max Tank Tread Kit


Tetrix Max Tank Tread Rubber Inserts


Tetrix Max Worm Gear Box


Tetrix Max Worm Gear Set 10:1


Tetrix Max Worm Gear 20:1