Technology Education

Studica has everything you need to jump-start your technology education curriculum. We support students and teachers with a variety of leading products from GameSalad, Unity and many more. Discover, learn and achieve with the latest in STEM education.

Pitsco Metric Dragster Go/No Go Gauge


AP Bottle Racer Kit


Pitsco Air Raptor


Pitsco AP Glider

As Low As:   $13.69

Pitsco AP Rockes & Gliders - Getting Started Package


Pitsco AP Rocket


Pitsco Parachutes - Getting Started Package


Pitsco Solid-Fuel Rocket

As Low As:   $9.53

Pitsco Solid-Fuel Rockets - Getting Started Package


Pitsco STEM Education Units - Air Rockets


Pitsco STEM Education Units - High-Flying Rockets


Pitsco STEM Education Units - Model Airplanes


Pitsco Straw Rocket Launcher

As Low As:   $278.32

Pitsco Water Rockets - Getting Started Package


R2K Bottle Rocket


Launch Commander




AquaPort II Water Rocket Launcher