STEM Textiles

Shop and save on the latest STEM Textiles, including Electro-Fashion, Starter Pack, Miniature Coin Cell Holder, Brother CM650W ScanNCut2 Cutting Machine, Gemma Started Kit. Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

Brother Fashion Creator NQ1400E Embroidery Machine


Electro-Fashion, Sewable Coin Cell Holder


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Blue


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Sakura (Lilac)


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, White


Electro-Fashion, Sewable slide switch


Electro-Fashion, Starter Pack, Miniature Coin Cell Holder


Electro-Fashion, Starter Pack, Standard Coin Cell Holder


Electro-Fashion, Switched Coin Cell Holder


Brother Fashionista NQ3500D Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery Machine


Brother CM650W ScanNCut2 Cutting Machine


Brother Persona PRS100 Single-Needle Home Embroidery Machine


Adafruit Beginner LED Sewing Kit


Adafruit Gemma Sequin Starter Pack


Flora Budget Pack


Gemma Started Kit


Gemma Talking Toy/Guts Sound Kit


Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA Book Pack