Science Education

Studica has everything you need to jump-start your science education curriculum. We support students and teachers with a variety of leading products. Discover, learn and achieve with the latest in STEM education.

Swan Learning Labs mySolar for NI myDAQ


myTemp for NI myDAQ

As Low As:   $140.43

myQuake for NI myDAQ

As Low As:   $282.16

Arduino Starter kit

As Low As:   $113.69

Bare Conductive Electric Paint Pen (10ml)

As Low As:   $10.47

fischertechnik Punching Machine with Conveyor Belt

As Low As:   $657.10

fischertechnik Education ROBO Pro Software

As Low As:   $25.92

Arduino Mega 2560 R3


fischertechnik Education Power Set


NI Multisim For Secondary Schools


MudWatt DeepDig Kit

$83.64   $73.88

Pitsco Straw Rocket Launcher

As Low As:   $286.00

Absorb Physics

As Low As:   $408.00

Absorb Physics Advanced

As Low As:   $408.00

Absorb Chemistry

As Low As:   $408.00

PocketLab One


Pitsco Water Rockets - Getting Started Package


Pitsco AP Rockes & Gliders - Getting Started Package