Renewable & Alternative Energies

Learn how renewable and alternative energies can benefit you inside and outside of the classroom. Studica’s selection of hands-on products allows you to create and learn at your own pace. Check out the latest from these green-approved brands.

Pitsco Ray Catcher Sprite Deluxe Solar Vehicle

$68.24   $66.49

Pitsco Wind Gen


Pitsco Sunezoon Solar Car

As Low As:   $20.78

Pitsco Solar Designer Car

As Low As:   $15.52

Pitsco Clearly Solar Car Kit

$50.57   $49.27

Pitsco Wind Energy - Getting Started Package

$881.52   $858.92

Pitsco Sunzoon Lite Solar Car

As Low As:   $15.58

Pitsco Sunzoon Lite - Getting Started Package

$467.31   $455.33

Pitsco Sunezoon Cars - Getting Started Package

$616.00   $600.21

Pitsco Sun Tracker

$358.61   $349.42

Pitsco Solar Wheels


Pitsco Solar Vehicles Getting Started Package

$814.24   $793.36

Pitsco Solar Oven


Pitsco Solar Engineering Body Tubes


Pitsco Ray Catcher Sprint Kit

$54.17   $52.78

Pitsco Ray Catcher Solar Panel

$50.98   $49.67

Pitsco Ray Catcher Consumables

$181.28   $176.63

Pitsco H2O Turbine

As Low As:   $32.54