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WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2017

WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection is the official and only collection for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition featuring the NI myRIO with the myRIO Toolkit and LabVIEW for Robotics. Teams using this package will learn and ready themselves for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition in Abu Dhabi in 2017.

The 2017 edition has been modified based on feedback from past teams as well as to better reflect the needs of the new 2017 competition. Also, this new set provides much better value in terms of the enhanced number of components. Users can also complement the collection with additional add-on component kits such as structural packs, track drive systems, wheel packs, mecannum wheels and all-terrain wheels that are fully compatible with the build system.

The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2017 by Studica includes the components,

Structural Components

  • Metric heavy-duty aluminum channel pieces are now the structural base for building. New components include the enhanced Rack and Pinion Linear Slide, Aluminum Spacers, Linear Motion Shaft and Slide Units, Pivot Arm, Small Beams and Linkages, Gussets and Plates.

Motors and Motor Controls

  • The New DC Motors now include tougher coil protection and a harder steel alloy to prevent gear stripping. These are now 152 rpm and with 320 oz-in. of torque. The motors also now include mounting brackets, wiring, wheel hubs and enhanced encoders with 360 Cycles Per Rotation (CPR) or 1440 Pulses Per Rotation (PPR).  There is also a better assortment Option of Servo Motors and Mounting Brackets. This include a new quarter scale Winch Servo. 

Wheels, Gears and Drive Train

  • The 2017 collection uses 101mm Omni wheels for a greater range of travel options. This will allow for 4 wheel independent drive or 2 wheel gear or chain drive systems. Shaft hubs and a greater selection of spacers, bushings, axles and hubs have also been added. A timing belt and pulleys are also now included.

Sensors, Controllers, and Batteries

The new Studica MXP-MD1 Motor Driver Adapter allows you to easily connect and control either two DC motors and one servo or three servos independently through the MXP connector on your myRIO. It has been designed so that no additional circuitry is required to drive motors. PWM signals from the standard myRIO FPGA personality are routed to the DC and servo motor inputs. Motor 0 Quadrature encoder inputs are routed to the myRIO encoder inputs and Motor 1 are routed to general purpose digital I/O. The board also now provides 5.6A output peak current (2.8A DC). The new Studica navX is a 9-axis inertial/magnetic sensor and sophisticated motion processor which provides the following:

  • High Accuracy, Low-latency Yaw, Pitch and Roll Angles
  • Automatic Accelerometer/Gyroscope Calibration
  • Quaternions and Gravity-corrected Linear Acceleration
  • High-sensitivity Motion Detection
  • Tilt-compensated Compass Heading
  • 9-Axis absolute heading w/Magnetic disturbance detection


  • New thumbscrews allow for rapid prototyping solutions


Click here for complete list of components (PDF)

WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2017

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