Shop and save on the latest Sensors, including myTemp for NI myDAQ, Temperature Probe (submersible), Seeed Studio Grove - BLE (dual model). Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

myQuake for NI myDAQ

As Low As:   $274.58

NI myDAQ - Student with NI LabVIEW, Multisim, & Ultiboard

As Low As:   $269.95

Fourier Sensors - pH Electrode


myTemp for NI myDAQ

As Low As:   $136.66

myGLCD by Emona

As Low As:   $123.30

Event Marker


Gas Pressure Sensor


Pulse Sensor

As Low As:   $89.64

Spirometer (with flow head)


Temperature Probe (submersible)


Microphone Sensor (for myDAQ audio input)


Force Sensor for einstein Tablet


Pressure (20 to 400 kPa) Sensor for einstein Tablet


Old to New Sensor Adaptors for einstein Tablet


Seeed Studio GrovePi+


Seeeduino Lotus - ATMega328 Board with Grove Interface


Seeed Studio Grove - BLE (dual model)


NI myDAQ - Student with 30 Day Software Evaluation