Introducing: LeapPad 2 Explorer


The #1 rated learning tablet, just got better!

The LeapPad2 learning tablet comes equipped with front and back cameras, a voice recorder, 4GB of memory, a quick and responsive processor, a 325+ ensemble of learning applications which can be purchased as a cartrige or a downloadable application. Encourage your childs imagination and help them reach their potential with eBooks, music, videos, creativity studos, and so much more!

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LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Includes 5 Apps

Includes 5 Apps!

The LeapPad2 learning tablet comes pre-loaded with five applications that encourage continuous learning and Creativity. Pet Pad, allows you to create and take care of your very own virtual pet. Cartoon Director, exclusive to LeapPad, enables your child to direct their own animated cartoons, You can also sing along to LeapFrog Learning Songs and Unleash the Picasso in your child with interactive Art Studio. You can also select one of four popular apps to download in addition to the pre-loaded ones!

Leap Frog LeapPad 2 All kinds of ways to play

All kinds of ways to play!

Use your finger to touch and animate characters and words. Tap, Use your stylus to draw, tap and write. Use shake, twist, and turn motions for exciting motion movement! Your LeapPad 2can even be used to play music and videos anywhere!

Leap Frog LeapPad 2 Purchase Cartriges or Download Apps

Purchase cartridges or download from the App Center!

LeapPad2 has an extensive library of more than 325 game cartridges, apps, videos, music and so much more. Shop for LeapFrog Explorer™, game cartridges at your favorite retailer or from the convenience of your home computer download new adventures from the LeapFrog App Center, a library full of incredible educational and appropriate apps for kids!

Leap Frog LeapPad 2 The best educational content

The best educational Content!

LeapFrog’s education experts create apps that provide an innovative, immersive experience that keeps childrem engaged and inspired! Tackling topics such as math and science to creativity and friendship, kids can explore hundreds of skills at a comfortable yet challenging pace. Parents can even import their child’s math sets and spelling lists from their schools curriculum into select games, for extra practice and continuous achievement!

Leap Frog LeapPad 2 The new reading experience

The new Reading Experience!

Exciting animation springs characters in to life, adjust your childs reading level to keep them engaged and learning, an interactive display encourages your child to touch the text which sounds out words helping them build phonics, comprehension and vocabulary skills. Your child can record their voice, use motion to play and additional innovations to turn reading into an interactive experience as they progress through our latest Learn to Read series and our wondrous Ultra eBooks!

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