An Inspiring Range of Project Kits for Electronic Education

Implementing design and technology in the classroom doesn't have to be a daunting task. With Kitronik, you have access to products that fuse together design, technology, electronics, e-Textiles and education. From wearable technology to basic maker kits, this company offers students, educators and hobbyists the tools and resources they need to explore electronics and incorporate their own creativity. These kits are accompanied by instructions to help you in and outside of the classroom. Discover what you can achieve with Kitronik!

Electro-Fashion, Conductive Thread


Electro-Fashion, Light Sensor


Electro-Fashion, Magnetic Switch


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Blue


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Green


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Red


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Sakura (Lilac)


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, White


Electro-Fashion, Sewable push switch


Electro-Fashion, Sewable slide switch


Electro-Fashion, Sewable Tilt Switch


Electro-Fashion, Switched Coin Cell Holder


Breadboard Jumper Wire Pack


Conductive Fabric, Ripstop


Conductive Hook & Loop (Velcro) Strip - 2.5 cm x 10 cm


Conductive Ribbon


Electro-Fashion, Latching Switch


Electro-Fashion, Light Level Detector


Electro-Fashion, Sewable 5mm LED Holder, pack of 10