An Inspiring Range of Project Kits for Electronic Education

Implementing design and technology in the classroom doesn't have to be a daunting task. With Kitronik, you have access to products that fuse together design, technology, electronics, e-Textiles and education. From wearable technology to basic maker kits, this company offers students, educators and hobbyists the tools and resources they need to explore electronics and incorporate their own creativity. These kits are accompanied by instructions to help you in and outside of the classroom. Discover what you can achieve with Kitronik!

Electro-Fashion Deluxe E-Textiles Pack


Electro-Fashion Magnet Activated E-Textiles Kit


Electro-Fashion, Cat Kit


Electro-Fashion, Conductive Thread


Electro-Fashion, Discovery Pack


Electro-Fashion, Flasher Controller Kit, LEDs & Thread


Electro-Fashion, LED Flasher Module Kit


Electro-Fashion, Light Sensor


Electro-Fashion, Magnetic Switch


Electro-Fashion, Sewable Coin Cell Holder


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Blue


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Green


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Red


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, Sakura (Lilac)


Electro-Fashion, Sewable LEDs, White


Electro-Fashion, Sewable Light Kit, Flat Sewable LEDs


Electro-Fashion, Sewable Light LED kit


Electro-Fashion, Sewable Miniature Coin Cell Holder


Electro-Fashion, Sewable push switch


Electro-Fashion, Sewable slide switch


Electro-Fashion, Sewable Tilt Switch


Electro-Fashion, Starter Pack, Miniature Coin Cell Holder


Electro-Fashion, Starter Pack, Standard Coin Cell Holder


Electro-Fashion, Switched Coin Cell Holder


1W Warm White power LED Star


3.0V 100mA Polycrystalline Solar Cell


3W Class D Stereo Amplifier


3W White Power LED Star


51mm White Four Blade Miniature Impeller


5W 4 Ohm 65mm Full Range Speaker


8 Pin PIC Development Board (2 in, 3 out)


8 Pin PIC Project Board (2 in, 3 out)


90mm Blue Three Blade Propeller


9V PP3 Battery Clip Lead to 2.1mm DC Connector


Arcade Joystick - Medium Handle


Arcade Push Button 33mm


Breadboard Jumper Wire Pack


Easy Build Timer Project Kit




FM Radio Telescopic Antenna / Aerial


Heat Activated Switch


Infared Receiver Module


Jumper Wires 20cm M/F


Jumper Wires 20cm M/M


Kitronik 3 Axis Accelerometer Breakout Board (ADXL335)


Kitronik Ambient Light Sensor Breakout Board


Kitronik Current Sensor Breakout Board (ACS711)


Kitronik Digital Barometer Breakout Board (MPL115A2)


Kitronik Micro USB Breakout Boeard, with Power switch


Kitronik Motor/Stepper Motor Drive Board


Kitronik Relay Control Board


Kitronik Temperature Sensor Breakout Board


Laika Explorer Board


Light Activated Switch


Low Inertia Solar Motor - 1820 RPM


Mini Prototype Bread Board


Miniature LDR


MP3 Mono Amplifier V2.0


MP3 Mono Amplifier V2.0, Pre-built


Small Prototype Board - PBU301


Solar cell 5.0V 200mA, 110 x 110 mm


Solar Garden Light with Battery


Solar Powered Buggy


Stem Racer


Stereo Amplifier, Pre-built


USB Type-A to Micro-B USB Cable


Wheel for Geared Hobby Motor


555 Timer Astable (Tone Genorator) Kit


5V LED Desk Lamp Kit


7 Segment LED Display Kit


Air Freshner Kit


Alarm Project Kit


Battery Tester Project Kit


Bump and Spin Kit


Coin Cell Power Board Kit


Color Changing USB Lamp Kit


Dark Activated Color Changing Night Light Kit


Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit


Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit, Pre-built


Dice Project Kit


FM Radio Kit V2.0


Game Project Kit


High Power Amp Kit (PCB & components)


High Power Amp Kit with iPod Lead


High Power Amp Kit with Jack Lead


iPod Lead - Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit


iPod Lead - Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit, Pre-built


Laika Inventors Kit


LED Picture Frame Kit


LED Torch Kit with Battery


Micro USB Lamp Kit - 1W LED


Motor Controller Board Kit


PIC Frisbee Kit with Battery


Programmable Music Box Kit


Programmable Timer Kit


Quiz Buzzer Project Kit


Rear Bike Light Project Kit


Record Playback Kit


Record Playback Kit, Pre-built


Relay Board Kit


Shower Water Saver Kit


Sound Meter Kit


Squeezy Torch Kit


Steady Hand Project Kit (with Latch)


Steady Hand Terminal Project Kit


Stereo Amplifier Kit


Super Capacitor Charge Controller Kit


Thermometer Project Kit


Timed Night Light Project Kit


Timer Project Kit


Vibrobug Kit


Vibrobug Kit, Built PCB


White USB Lamp Kit


Xylophone Project Kit


Amber 3mm Water Clear LED


Amber 5mm Water Clear LED


Blue 3mm Diffused LED


Blue 3mm Water Clear LED


Blue 5mm Diffused LED


Blue 5mm LED Water Clear


Blue 5mm Water Clear LED


Blue Flashing 5mm Warter Clear LED


Blue Flexible LED strip


Blue Super Flux 5mm Water Clear LED


Color Changing 10mm Diffused LED


Color Changing 5mm Diffused LED


Green 10mm Diffuesed LED


Green 3mm Diffused LED


Green 3mm Water Clear LED


Green 5mm Diffused LED


Green 5mm LED Water Clear


Green 5mm Water Clear LED


Green Flashing 5mm Water Clear LED


Green Flexible LED strip


Green Super Flux 5mm Water Clear LED


Infrared 5mm Water Clear LED


Orange 5mm Diffused LED


Pink 4.8mm Water Clear LED


Red 10mm Diffused LED


Red 3mm Diffused LED


Red 3mm Water Clear LED


Red 5mm Diffused LED


Red 5mm LED Water Clear


Red 5mm Water Clear LED


Red Flashing 5mm Water Clear LED


Red Flexible LED strip


Red Super Flux 5mm Water Clear LED


RGB 5mm Water Clear LED


Sakura (Lilac) 5mm Water Clear LED


Tri-color 5mm Diffused LED


UV 5mm Water Clear LED


White 10mm Diffused LED


White 3mm Diffused LED


White 3mm Water Clear LED


White 5mm Diffused LED


White 5mm LED, Water Clear


White 5mm Water Clear LED


White Flashing 5mm Water Clear LED


White flexible LED strip


White Super Flux 5mm Water Clear LED


Yellow 10mm Diffused LED


Yellow 3mm Diffused LED


Yellow 3mm Water Clear LED


Yellow 5mm Diffused LED


Yellow 5mm LED Water Clear


Yellow 5mm Water Clear LED


Yellow Flashing 5mm Water Clear LED


Yellow Flexible LED strip


Yellow Super Flux 5mm Water Clear LED


Conductive Fabric, Ripstop


Conductive Hook & Loop (Velcro) Strip - 2.5 cm x 10 cm


Conductive Ribbon


Electro-Fashion, Latching Switch


Electro-Fashion, Light Level Detector


Electro-Fashion, Sewable 5mm LED Holder, pack of 10