Formula AllCode is a complete course in robotics with an impressive specification set. The robot itself is Bluetooth enabled and can become a slave for platforms including Android and Apple devices and the Raspberry Pi. The free, accompanying course includes a range of activities with varied levels of difficulty; from simple line following to maze solving. The system runs on a 16 bit dsPIC microcontroller and is programmable from just about anything including Flowcode 6, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, App Inventor, Visual Basic/C#/C++ and more.

Formula AllCode is host independent and can be used with:

  • Flowcode 6
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Android & Apple
  • Windows & OS X
  • Visual Basic/C#/C++
Formula AllCode has a full API and can be accessed from any programming language that allows for interaction with a Bluetooth module. For example, you can easily write a Python script to control the buggy through a maze!

Formula AllCode Robot Buggy


Formula AllCode Deluxe Kit


Formula AllCode Standard Class Set


Formula AllCode Deluxe Class Set


Formula AllCode Maze Walls


Formula AllCode Maze Mat