Hubs & Accessories

Shop and save on the latest Hubs & Accessories, including Makeblock MG995 Servo Hub, 90° Quad Hub Mount C, Nexus Bumper Sensor. Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

6mm Hub

$12.00   $9.40

0.770" Set Screw Hubs

As Low As:   $4.93

0.770" Clamping Hubs

As Low As:   $7.90

Makeblock Shaft Clamping Hub 8mm


Makeblock MG995 Servo Hub


6mm Hub for 60mm Mecanum wheel


32 Pitch Aluminum Hub Gears (1/2" Bore)

As Low As:   $12.85

8mm Hub


Swivel Hub


90° Quad Hub Mount C


0.770" x 0.625" Hub Adaptor


12mm Key Hub Stainless Steel


12mm Key Hub


10mm Key Hub Stainless Steel


4mm Hub for 60mm Omni Wheel

$10.00   $6.90

Nexus Bumper Sensor


Aluminum Hub Mount Sprockets (.250)

As Low As:   $3.94

5/8" Bore Tube Clamp Hub