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mySTEM™ Project Board for NI myDAQ

$169.00   $129.00

Makeblock TT Geared Motor DC 6V/200RPM


12V 120 RPM DC Motor 64:1 with Faulhaber Coreless base


Makeblock Me Dual Motor Driver


Makeblock DC Motor-25 6V/185RPM

$14.99   $11.85

Makeblock 57BYG Stepper Motor


Makeblock 42BYG Stepper Motor

$19.99   $18.95

Makeblock Me Stepper Motor Driver


Makeblock DC Encoder Motor Pack - 25mm

$74.99   $68.46

Makeblock 9g Micro Servo Robot Pack


Makeblock Air Pump Motor DC 12V/3202PM


Makeblock DC Frame Type Solenoid HCNE1-0530


Makeblock Robot Servo Pack


Standard Hitec ServoBlocks


0.5rpm 3-12V DC Gearmotor


Makeblock DC Motor-37 12V/200RPM


Makeblock DC Motor-25 6V/325RPM

$12.99   $11.85

Makeblock 36 DC Geared Motor 12V/240RPM