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Shop and save on the latest Shafting, Tubing & Accessories, including Makeblock Linear Motion Shaft D8x496mm, Makeblock Shaft Connector 4mm, Makeblock Threaded Shaft 4x39mm. Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

Makeblock D Shaft 4x56mm


Makeblock Linear Motion Shaft D4x80mm


Makeblock Linear Motion Shaft D8x496mm


Makeblock Shaft Clamping Hub 8mm


Makeblock Shaft Collar 4mm


Makeblock Shaft Collar 8mm


Makeblock Shaft Connector 4mm


Makeblock Threaded Shaft 4x39mm


107356: Clamping Pin 4,1 Red


1/4"D Precision D-Shafting

As Low As:   $0.97

10mmD Precision Shafting

As Low As:   $1.07

6mmD Precision Shafting

As Low As:   $0.87

1/4" Shaft Clamp Collar


Set Screw Shaft Coupler

As Low As:   $4.93

1/2" Bore Tube Clamp Hub


5/8" Bore Tube Clamp Hub


6-32 Aluminum Threaded Standoffs

As Low As:   $1.27

5/8" Hollow Aluminum Tubing

As Low As:   $1.96