Wheels & Tires

Shop and save on the latest Wheels & Tires, including Makeblock Injection Omnidirectional Wheel, 4WD 58mm Omni Wheel Arduino Robot Kit, Omni Wheel for LEGO NXT and Servo Motor. Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

Makeblock 125mm PU Wheel - Driven Wheel Pack


Makeblock Injection Omnidirectional Wheel


Makeblock Slick Tire 64x16mm


Tire 68.5x22mm


4mm Hub for 60mm Omni Wheel

$10.00   $6.90

6mm Hub for 60mm Mecanum wheel

$10.00   $6.90

100mm (4 inch) Aluminium Mecanum wheel left w/ Bearing Rollers


100mm (4 inch) Aluminium Mecanum Wheel Right w/Bearing Rollers


4WD 58mm Omni Wheel Arduino Robot Kit

$550.00   $276.00

60mm LEGO Compatible Mecanum Wheel w/Bearing Rollers


60mm LEGO Compatible Mecanum Wheels Basic Aluminium


100mm (4") Aluminium Mecanum Wheels Basic


Omni Wheel for LEGO NXT and Servo Motor

$12.00   $6.70

Omni Wheel

As Low As:   $12.00

Makeblock 100mm Mecanum Wheel

As Low As:   $40.99

38mm (1.5 Inch) Double Plastic Omni Wheel


127mm (5 Inch) Aluminium Mecanum wheels w/Bearing Rollers


152mm (6 Inch) Aluminium Mecanum Wheels Basic