Technology Education

Studica has everything you need to jump-start your technology education curriculum. We support students and teachers with a variety of leading products from GameSalad, Unity and many more. Discover, learn and achieve with the latest in STEM education.

Health Informatics


Integrated Production Technologies


Innovations in Science and Technology


Energy and Power


Clean Energy Technology


Aerospace Engineering


fischertechnik Introduction to STEM II

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fischertechnik Dynamic M

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fischertechnik Education Electronics

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fischertechnik High School STEM Kit


fischertechnik Education Pneumatics

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fischertechnik Education Robotics & Electropneumatics

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fischertechnik Education Green Energy

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fischertechnik Middle School STEM Kit


fischertechnik Education Robotic Competition Set


fischertechnik Intro to STEM I - Sample Activity Kit


fischertechnik Education Mechanics

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fischertechnik Education STEM PREP