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Steinberg Dorico

Dorico redefines the gold standard in scoring software. Its musical intelligence is like having an expert assistant by your side, ensuring your ideas are notated clearly and simply, while its intuitive workflows help you focus on each aspect of score preparation, from initial setup to final output as printed page, digital sheet music, or audio file. Dorico’s output equals the finest music engraving, with unrivalled attention to detail, and brings your music to life through Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine and world-class virtual instruments and effects. Dorico is all you need to create and deliver beautiful, professional scores.

Key Features:

  • Next-generation scoring software, designed by musicians for musicians
  • Beautiful engraved output with unrivalled attention to detail
  • Flexible note input and powerful editing, including ability to insert and change duration of existing notes
  • Streamlined, single window interface puts every tool at your fingertips
  • Powerful score management features to handle multiple independent pieces of music within the same project
  • Unlimited number of staves and movements, sections, or pieces within the same project
  • Easily create layouts for full scores, conductor scores, and instrumental parts with independent page size, staff size, and system layout
  • Use your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard to input music quickly and efficiently
  • Superior note spacing with optical kerning of adjacent elements, with tighter default spacing and no rhythmic distortion
  • Import and export in MusicXML, MIDI, and graphics formats
  • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to 192 kHz and flexible routing for virtual instrument and effect playback
  • Compatible with VST 3 virtual instruments and effects processors
  • Outstanding virtual instruments with more than 1500 sounds, including HALion Sonic SE workstation and complete HALion Symphonic Orchestra library
  • Suite of high-end VST effect processors, including channel strip modules (compressor, EQ, limiter) and convolution reverb

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Customer Reviews

  1. Fantastic Software Steinberg you have done it again!

    by on

    Fantastic price for this software, It has really helped me so far with my composition as well as creating a much more professional looking score! I have use other programs like Sebelius and Finaly and they were very hard to use, picked up Dorico and it was very easy to use, an comes with tutorial videos that you can watch to help speed up the process! I can't recommend this software enough!!!

    Location: Kelowna