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Xara Web Designer 365 Premium

Xara Web Designer 365 Premium is the ultimate web design platform with easy template based solutions and advanced features that gives you total design freedom - no HTML skills required! Web Designer Premium includes even more customizable web graphics, webpages and website template designs - plus tools for creating your own designs, for photo editing and advanced text layout. The Content Catalog also includes an extended collection of Widgets. Site upload is covered too and there's even a free web hosting offer! With Designer 365 Premium, you only need one program for creating websites, from design to publishing.

Features of Xara Web Designer 365 Premium

Xara Web Designer 365 Premium is the most comprehensive solution to building your professional website without HTML development. Get incredible tools to launch the website you want with the funcitonality you need. Check out some of these incredible features below.

Exclusive Web Designer 365 Premium Features

Single Page SuperSites
Web Designer Premium offers the option to present your whole site as one single, fast scrolling document using scroll or swipe to navigate. Or you can present one page at a time in the traditional way, but with super-slick animated page transitions triggered by scroll, swipe or click.

Animation Effects
Add a wide range of animated effects to the layers and page links in your website. You can add animated transitions to any page link or pop-up layer in your web pages. Perfect with Supersites and presentations!

Extra Widgets (ecommerce, charts, photo sliders)
Includes a larger selection of Widgets in the Content Catalog, including resizeable photo slideshow Widgets to make your site more dynamic, plus a selection of interactive chart and graph widgets.

Flash & GIF animation
Create efficient Flash animations, which you can export as .swf or add to any page being created in Web Designer. 

Website presentations
Design web-based 'slide-show' style presentations, that your website visitors can step through using the keyboard arrow keys. Plus you can apply animated transition effects as each step and page is displayed.

Additional Web Designer Features

Design Freedom
Elements that are normally difficult to achieve in HTML are easy to create with Web Designer 365. Using drag and drop, you can plany anything, anywhere on your webpages.

Customize one of the bundled templates or create your own graphics and animations. It's genuinely WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)!

Quality Results
Web Designer's templates are created by top professional designers. Feel free to customize color, text, images, size, etc. to create your personal style without any loss of quality.

Intuitive Tools

  • Liquid text flow around objects
  • Easy mouseover, thumbnail and pop-up creation
  • Automatic adjustment of photos to the correct web resolution
  • One-click change of site wide theme colors and shades
  • Automatic color matching of imported objects such as buttons
  • A concept of 'repeating objects' such as headings and button bars - edit one instance and they all update
  • Buttons and text panels that automatically stretch as you change the text
  • Smart automatic repositioning of objects and resizing of pages as you add new text
  • Font embedding which frees you from the restriction of 'web safe' fonts

Web Designer sites are W3C compliant, cross browser compatible (IE 8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and XHTML, CSS standards based. It can also import a huge range of files types for vector graphics, image and text including PDF, RTF, RAW, PSD, TIFF and of course JPEG, PNG, GIF.

Mobile Friendly
Websites made with Web Designer are ready for the latest iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. These designers are also touchscreen compatible with responsive web design features.

Xara Cloud
Xara Online Designer offers an ultra-simple way to view, edit and update your Xara website using a web browser on any computer or smart mobile device, from anywhere in the world. Perfect for collaborative editing, for commercial designers who want to give clients limited access to text editing, or for anyone who needs to edit their site remotely.

Academic License

Part# ANR007621EDU


For 5-99 Academic Seats

Part# ANR007621EDUL1


For 100+ Academic Seats

Part# ANR007621EDUL2


Retail Download

Part# ANR007621ESD


For 5-99 Retail Users

Part# ANR007621ESDL1


For 100+ Retail Users

Part# ANR007621ESDL2


Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista® | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10
  • 32 bit or 64 bit
  • Intel® Celeron® or newer, or AMD® Sempron® or newer
  • 500MB of RAM
  • 300MB of available hard-disk space

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