AbleNet is a world leader in assistive technology, curriculum, and services to help individuals with disabilities lead productive and fulfilling lives. They believe that all people deserve the tools to help them learn about, interact with, and participate in the world around them. Whether that’s a child in the classroom, an adult recovering from an injury, a veteran with a permanent disability, or a senior who wants to remain at home, AbleNet is there helping improve their lives.

My Art Spinner


Pretty Poodle


Pudgy the Piglet


Robbie Rabbit


Rock Adapted Joystick




TrackerPro Reflective Dots


Wave Wireless Switch-Adapted Trackball


LITTLE Step-by-Step Choice with Levels


QuickTalker 1


QuickTalker 12


QuickTalker 23


QuickTalker 7


SuperTalker Progressive Communicator


Talking Brix


TalkTrac Wearable Communicator


Powerlink4 with BIG Beamer TX


Primo! Environmental Control Unit


Responsable Personal Alert System


Wall Switch Module


X-10 Radio Transceiver


X-10 Remote Chime


X-10 to Insteon Converter


VisionBoard 2

As Low As:   $55.00

BIGtrack Trackball




Ribbon Switch


SCATIR Switch Deluxe Kit


Single Switch Kit


Single Switch Tester


SLAT Receiver


Specs Switch

As Low As:   $65.00

String Switch


Switch Click USB


Trigger Switch