Color Management

Take advantage of the state-of-the-art Color Management products Studica has to offer. If you’re interested in any kind of design, then you should invest in color management. These systems are essential when it comes to color coordinating and matching.

Formula Guide: Coated & Uncoated

$155.00   $132.31

Pantone® Color Bridge Set: Coated & Uncoated

$300.00   $218.91

Pantone® Plus Series Starter Guide: Solid Coated and Uncoated

$60.00   $47.80

Pantone® Fashion, Home & Interiors: Color Guide

$205.00   $149.29

Pantone® Capsure

$770.00   $650.71

Pantone® Color Bridge Guide: Coated

$175.00   $131.29

Pantone® Plus Series Metallic Guide Set

$160.00   $112.30

Pantone® Portable Guide Studio

$800.00   $522.05

Pantone® PLUS Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated

$385.00   $281.76

Pantone® SkinTone Guide

$99.00   $71.22

Pantone Pastels & Neons Coated & Uncoated Guide

$99.00   $74.22

Pantone® Essentials

$570.00   $330.86

Pantone® Fashion, Home & Interiors: Color Specifier + Guide Set

$805.00   $559.95

Pantone® Plastics Opaque and Transparent Selector

$3,620.00   $2,899.95

Pantone® Plus Series Metallics Guide: Coated

$99.00   $67.14

Pantone® Color Manager Software

$99.00   $81.96

Pantone® Fashion, Home+ Interiors Cotton Planner

$945.00   $620.46

Pantone® Fashion, Home+ Interiors Cotton Passport

$585.00   $466.62

Students and Teachers can save big on color matching systems. Top brands in color including Pantone, X-Rite, Boris FX and Corel can all be found at Interior design students, architecture students and teachers can take advantage of great academic discounts on color matching and color management systems.