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Shop and save on the latest CAM / Manufacturing, including PTC Creo University Plus Package, NX11 Learning Edition, Shark FX v9. Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

PTC Creo School Plus Package


PTC Precision Learning Management System


PTC Creo University Plus Package

As Low As:   $1,999.00

NX11 Learning Edition


PCI Geomatica for Students


CNCezPRO 2010 Standard Edition


CNCezPRO 2010 Advanced Edition


Shark FX v9

$2,295.00   $97.98

TurboCAD Deluxe 2016

$129.99   $69.99

BobCAD-CAM V28 Mill Express

As Low As:   $108.00

BobCAD-CAM V28 Mill 3 Axis Pro

As Low As:   $385.00

BobCAD-CAM V28 Lathe

As Low As:   $165.00

DeskProto V6 Expert Edition

As Low As:   $606.95

DeskProto V6 Entry Edition

As Low As:   $148.95



solidThinking Click2Cast

As Low As:   $395.00

Cadsoft Envisioneer V12 Construction Suite

$2,495.00   $2,245.50

Cadsoft Envisioneer V12 Building Essentials

$1,895.00   $1,705.50