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fischertechnik Power Machines

fischertechnik Power Machines is a larger than life construction set. The largest fischertechnik set yet, it allows you to build a model that is nearly 1.4 meters (4.5 feet) long and almost 80 centimeters (31.5 feet) high. With 1,500 parts, builders can assemble two different breath-taking models, the bucket wheel excavator and the track mounted crane. These models offer a variety of realistic features, great for teaching young builders about simple machines. Both models can also be motorized with the PLUS sets - offering even more fun functionality!

Features of fischertechnik Power Machines

The fischertechnik Power Machines set means big fun for builders. This large set allows you to construct two large models with realistic features. This is a fun way for young builders to get to know the fischertechnik building system, while also venturing into the world of simple machines.

The bucket wheel excavator model is a fun construction project with features like:

  • Depositing excavated material directly onto the conveyor belt
  • Lifting and lowering the excavator arm
  • Swiveling the entire excavator on the chassis platform with three crawler track units

The track mounted crane is also an entertaining model with similar, realistic features. Both models can also be motorized with the PLUS sets, allowing you to integrate lights, sound and a remote control!

Ideal additions: Motor Set XSMotor Set XMSound+Lights Control SetEnergy SetAccu Set

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Recommended for Ages 7+

This set includes two models and 1500 parts.

See the "Parts List for fischertechnik Power Machines - 520398" under the Resources tab for specific part information.

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