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InPEduS - Industrial Protocols Educational Software - 10 Seat License


Part#: RS2003-S-10

InPEduS is a powerful educational software developed to help students learn the basics of industrial protocols and interfaces. It combines interesting and useful exercises with a range of demonstrations that give users a unique opportunity to understand the structure and operation of protocols. InPEduS is a successful tool, which makes studying the process of protocols fascinating. This program's features make it an ideal academic platform to learn industrial protocols course either on your own or in a classroom environment.

InPEduS software includes 9 popular protocols:

  • CAN
  • GPIB
  • I2C
  • Modbus
  • RS232
  • RS485/422
  • SPI
  • TCP
  • UDP
Note: National Instruments products are sold separately.

Features of InPEduS

The InPEduS lab is comprised of a range of exercises that explore 9 different popular protocols.

  • Each protocol is examined using 1-3 exercises desinged to test students' knowledge and help them fully comprehend the protocols
  • A demonstration is also designed for each protocol, so students can visualize the working mechanisms
  • InPEduS also offers students the ability to make reports for completed exercises

InPEduS provides User Manual with full descriptions of all protocols and instructions for exercises in order to perform them correctly. It also offers you the ability to open the User Manual, while you're working on the exercises.

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