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Boris Final Effects Complete 6 AE for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Effects Complete delivers a collection of effects plug-ins for leading nonlinear editing and compositing solutions. Ranging from graceful blurs and edges to radical warps and particle generators, FEC dramatically augments your creative arsenal without forcing you to learn a new application. The simplicity of the filters combined with the native host interface, reduces the learning curve to virtually zero. Most filters feature less than a dozen parameters; only a few simple adjustments are required to create totally unique organic effects.

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New Features in Final Effects Complete 6 AE Final Effects Complete 6 AE brings over 110 designer effects and transitions to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3. The new release features support for native After Effects lights, on-screen overlay control widgets for streamlined workflow, audio-driven keyframe generation, and a new Compare Mode feature to compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source via either a side-by-side or live split-screen view. Each FEC filter has been re-engineered for 64-bit operating systems. Adobe CS5 Support Final Effects Complete 6 AE supports Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3 under 64-bit and 32-bit Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Support for Native After Effects Lights Many popular FEC AE filters such as Mr. Mercury, Bubbles, Ball Action, Hair, and Glue Gun now include support for Adobe After Effects' native lights, allowing users to create dramatic scene lighting Beat Reactor Technology Beat Reactor lets you sample specific bands of audio from a clip and use the sampled audio levels to drive FEC effect parameters. This new technology makes it easier to generate audio-driven effects such as a pulsing light or a wipe that follows along with the beat of an audio track. Compare Mode Added to many FEC 6 AE filters, Compare Mode lets you compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source via either a side-by-side view or a live split-screen view. In the side-by-side view, you can view the unfiltered and filtered image result in the composite window as changes are made to the image. In the split-screen view, you can drag the wipe bar anywhere across the image to compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source at any zoom level. Additionally, Compare Mode offers the unique ability to view the filtered result with a live filtered layer in the timeline. Customizable Animated Presets This unique feature lets you save and re-use every parameter animation in every FEC 6 AE filter - even across host applications and platforms. The animated presets are saved in industry-standard XML format so that they can be viewed and edited by any XML-compliant text editor. On-Screen Overlay Control Widgets The most commonly-used parameters in many FEC AE filters are now accessible via native on-screen overlay widgets, each with dynamic parameter value displays that update automatically as the widget is adjusted. Color-coded and easy to use, the new widgets allow parameter adjustments while the editor's eye remains focused on the image. New Super Dissolve Filter FEC Super Dissolve offers a unique dissolve look with a slight contrast boost in the middle to counter the loss of contrast present in a regular dissolve. The filter includes transfer modes and levels gamma controls; lots of different intermediate states are possible. New RGB Dissolve Filter FEC RGB Dissolve is a dissolve with independent control over the timing of the 3 channels. By default, the filter dissolves red first, then green, and then blue. Less extreme settings (where the 3 channels are slightly out of phase) also produce interesting and unique effects. New Rectangular Scale Wipe Filter FEC Rectangular Scale Wipe is a Wipe/PIP effect that provides a range of shapes and distortions to reveal an incoming image. Significant Performance Gains Every FEC 6 AE filter has been optimized for improved rendering speed on modern computing platforms. system requirements Macintosh OS X 10.2.8 and above Window 2000/XP Minimum 512 MB (assigned to host application)

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