Navigate Your 3D World

3Dconnexion is the world's leader in 3D Mice development and manufacturing. These products make using 3D applications better. You can rotate, zoom or pan as if you are working with your hands. It allows you to control your work in a  way that  is impossible with a regular mouse and keyboard.
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3DConnexion CadMouse Wireless

$99.00   $89.00

3DConnexion SpaceMouse Wireless

$149.00   $109.00

3Dconnexion CadMouse

$99.00   $89.00

3DConnexion SpaceMouse Compact

$129.00   $89.00

3DConnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise

$399.00   $279.00

3DConnexion SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

$329.00   $229.00

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro

$299.00   $209.00

3Dconnexion Universal Receiver


CadMouse Pad Compact


3Dconnexion Twin-Port USB Hub


3Dconnexion USB Cable


Carry Case - Personal Series


Carry Case - Professional Series


Carry Case - SpaceMouse Enterprise

3Dconnexion is dedicated to helping the future generation of engineers and designers by offering them great academic discounts on its 3D Navigation tools and 3D Mouse. Without one of 3Dconnexion's 3D Mice it is very difficult to produce amazing 3D games, movies or other interactive content. 3Dconnexion offers amazing tools for every computer animator or graphic designer. A regular mouse will not produce the effect that is needed to capture the amazing 3D graphics.
Studica offers great educational discounts for students, teachers and faculty on 3Dconnection 3D Mouse's for those working on computer graphics, video game design and design for academic purposes. Popular products include the SpaceMouse Pro, SpaceExplorer, SpacePilot Pro and SpaceNavigator. Let 3Dconnexion help you navigate your 3D world with these great academic discounts.