3D Printing in Education | Learning Benefits

3D printing is an excellent teaching tool. With quality, affordable 3D printers now available, it is a great time to bring this technology to your school. Read more about how 3D printing improves learning.

Benefits of 3D Printing for Education

  • Creates excitement and builds engagement
  • Compliments STEM education curriculum
  • Gives access to materials otherwise unavailable
  • Opens new possibilities for learning
  • Promotes problem solving skills
  • Allows students to experience the model stage of the design process
  • Explains "Additive Manufacturing" process
Benefits of 3D Printing for Education

Build Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

3D printers naturally fit into curricula in areas where students are required to exercise critical thinking, problem solving and design skills. 3D printing in education is a powerful tool in guiding students through the stages of design and development, from the first sketch to the final product. For more information, contact us. You can also read more about how 3D printers are used in the classroom in our blog article "How 3D Printing in Education Improves Learning."

Affordable 3D Printing Solutions for Classrooms

Studica offers many solutions to meet your 3D printing needs from popular manufacturers. Bundles and volume discounts are available. For more information contact Studica.

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