Your Music, Your Way

Ableton is a computer based music making solution for students and professionals. Ableton’s flagship program is Ableton Live, which is about making music from composition to recording and live performance. Computer technology has shifted the way that music is made; it is rarely done with traditional instruments alone. Ableton offers a creative advantage to its users; they are on the cutting edge of music making.

Ableton Live 10 Intro


Ableton Live 10 Standard

$449.00   $269.00

Ableton Live 10 Suite

$749.00   $449.00

Ableton PUSH 2 Instrument


Ableton creates amazing programs that will help you make music. Ableton software tools allow the most technologically savvy or amateur to make the best possible music and sound. Ableton Software tools are for anyone they will  help you become an accomplished musical producer. Ableton encourages the production of all music and takes pride in the fact that they promote every part of the musical creative process. It doesn’t matter if your passion is writing, performing or only producing the music, Ableton has exactly what you need.

This is an excellent option when trying to take advantage of your student discount. Ableton offers academic discounts on programs such as Ableton Live 10 and Push.