Easy to Use. Great Sound.

Acoustica strives to create easy to use, intuitive audio solution software. For over 15 years, this company has been providing you with the best in audio conversion and mixing tools. Working off the philosophy that "software should be easy to use", Acoustica also provides incredible service and support for its products.

Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio

$179.00   $99.00

Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Recording Studio

$89.00   $49.00

Acoustica offers software to assist in the music making process and are multi-dimensional through this creative process. Acoustica offers great, creative options; simulated drummers and pianists can be used in recording.  Acoustica also offers a Label Maker for CD’s to look like they were produced professionally.

Acoustica allows a musician to produce an entire collection of music, without the entire band. Acoustica programs are easy to use and will help you record your music or other audio clips. The sound of a live band is great, but this program has figured out how to simulate the sound of an entire band working together. This is time, space and money save when producing any type of music. Mixcraft 6 is one of Acoustica best-selling products. Mixcraft 6 is an easy to use yet powerful music production and multi-track recording software program that includes thousands of music loops and other audio effects and virtual music instruments. Mixcraft 6 and other Acoustica titles are available from Studica with great academic discounts.