Maxon is an award-winning developer of 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering software. Its incredible products have been used extensively in the film, television, science, architecture, engineering and other industries. Maxon supports the next generation of design professionals with affordable options for students and teachers. Take advantage of academic pricing on this amazing, industry-leading software and develop relevant design skills for the future.

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CINEMA 4D Studio R20

As Low As:   $295.00

BodyPaint 3D R20

$995.00   $945.25

CINEMA 4D Broadcast R20

$1,695.00   $1,610.25

CINEMA 4D Prime R20

$995.00   $945.25

CINEMA 4D Visualize R20

$2,295.00   $2,180.25

Maxon Cineversity

As Low As:   $60.95

Studica offers several of Maxon’s products for commercial and academic use including: Cinema 4D Studio, BodyPaint 3D, Cinema 4D Broadcast, Cinema 4D Prime and Cinema 4D Visualize.

CINEMA 4D has always been known for compelling features, incredibly solid stability, ease-of-use and rapid workflow. Maxon's close relationships to hardware manufacturers, like Intel and Apple guarantee, optimize products so that they follow the technology trends closely. There has been a major feature-packed release of CINEMA 4D almost every year since its creation.