Powerful, accurate, yet easy to use!

MoI’s sleek intuitive UI blends a fluid easy workflow with powerful tools, making it the perfect choice for someone who has been frustrated with the complexity of existing CAD tools.

MoI is also a fantastic complementary tool for a polygon-based artist since its CAD toolset and advanced boolean functions enable extremely rapid creation of mechanical or man-made type “hard surface” models. The icing on the cake is MoI’s unique polygon mesh export that generates exceptionally clean and crisp N-Gon polygon meshes from CAD NURBS models.




MoI has a unique user interface that integrates particularly well with a pen and tablet.  Most 3D Modeling programs require you to continuously tap the Shift, Alt or Control keys. With MoI, users can use simple left-click methods for view manipulation functions.

MoI displays gorgeously smooth, anti-aliased curves even on low-end video cards.

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