Accessories for myDAQ + myRIO + LabVIEW

miniSystems and Accessories for NI myDAQ and myRIO allow you to use your NI products in even more creative ways. Below you'll find a great selection of many great tools you can utilize to make your NI myDAQ  and myRIO do even more plus you'll find handy accessories, like a basic parts kit and much more. View Complete myDAQ miniSystems Offerings.

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miniSystems and Accessories for National Instruments myDAQ

mySTEM™ Project Board for NI myDAQ

$169.00   $129.00

myGrid for NI myDAQ

$99.95   $94.00

myQuake for NI myDAQ

$219.00   $199.00

myTemp for NI myDAQ

As Low As:   $109.00

myVTOL for NI myDAQ

As Low As:   $129.00

myProtoBoard for NI myDAQ

$49.95   $44.99

myDyno V2 for NI myDAQ

$129.00   $99.00

mySnap for NI myDAQ

$69.95   $59.95

MyRIO Panel Mount Kit


mySTEM Do Engineering Freshman Kit

$199.00   $149.00

mySTEM Do Engineering Starter Kit

$149.00   $79.00

Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor


Conductivity Probe

$95.00   $75.00

Dissolved Oxygen Probe


Drop Counter


ELVIS Breadboard Input Adapter


Force Sensor




Heart Sounds Sensor


Humidity Sensor


Light sensor & Laser x2

$178.00   $174.00

Magnetic Field Sensor

$65.00   $59.00

Microphone Sensor (for myDAQ audio input)


Motion Sensor


myDAQ 20 Pin Screw Terminal Block Connector


myParts Kit from Texas Instruments: Companion Parts Kit for NI myDAQ


pH Sensor

$105.00   $103.01

Polar Heart Rate Monitor


Respiration Belt


Stratom X-Hub Adapter for myRIO


Understand Structures & Earthquakes Action Pack

As Low As:   $381.67

Basic Parts Kit for NI myDAQ


Basic Parts Kit for NI myDAQ and Elvis

$79.95   $59.95

myQuake Mini Pack

As Low As:   $295.00

myTemp Mini Pack

As Low As:   $250.00

Breadboard and Jumper Wire Kit for NI myDAQ

$11.50   $8.95

IX-MYDAQ Breakout board for NI myDAQ


Carrying Case for Accessories for NI myDAQ


Skin Surface Temperature Sensor for NI myDAQ

$69.95   $67.95

BNC adapter for NI myDAQ

$38.00   $29.95

6 Inch BNC to BNC Cable


Clip Probe for NI myDAQ


Event Marker


Gas Pressure Sensor


Pulse Sensor


Spirometer (with flow head)

$225.00   $206.01

Temperature Probe (submersible)


Ultrasonic Microphone and Amplifier for NI myDAQ

$950.00   $929.00

Action Pack Bundle


Discover Heat Transfer Action Pack

As Low As:   $259.00

Explore Power & Energy Action Pack

As Low As:   $329.00
NI myDAQ is an affordable data acquisition devise that uses NI LabVIEW which helps students measure and analyze real-world signals. National Instruments myDAQ is the perfect tool to help students explore electronics and take sensor measurements. These accessories for the NI myDAQ will add new capabilities to the portable lab. Studica carries a wide range of accessories and mini systems specifically designed for the NI myDAQ. These myDAQ accessories will enable you to do more, experiment more, and learn more with this portable data acquisition device. NI myDAQ accessories include the myGrid, Protoboard, mySnap, breadboard, carrying case, etc. Student, Teachers and Schools will receive great academic discounts on NI myDAQ accessories.