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Pantone is the authority in color management and an industry leader in accurate color communication technology. Pantone is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer, across a variety of industries.

Pantone Bridge-to-Seven Set Extended Gamut

$280.00   $204.11

Pantone Color Extended Combo

$560.00   $452.76

Pantone Formula Guide: Coated & Uncoated

$155.00   $135.00

Pantone Solid-to-Seven Set Extended Gamut

$260.00   $189.53

Pantone® Plus Series Starter Guide: Solid Coated and Uncoated

$60.00   $47.80

Pantone® PLUS Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated

$385.00   $329.00

Pantone® Color Bridge Guide: Coated

$175.00   $155.00

Pantone® Color Bridge Guide: Uncoated

$175.00   $155.00

Pantone® Essentials

$570.00   $499.00

Pantone Pastels & Neons Coated & Uncoated Guide

$99.00   $74.22

Pantone® Capsure & Formula Guide Bundle

$875.00   $677.95

Pantone® Color Bridge Set: Coated & Uncoated

$300.00   $269.00

Pantone® Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection

$8,000.00   $7,025.53

Pantone® Plus Series Extended Gamut Guide

$145.00   $125.00

Pantone® Plus Series Metallic Guide Set

$160.00   $112.30

Pantone® Plus Series Metallics Guide: Coated

$99.00   $67.14

Pantone® Plus Series Pastels and Neons Chips: Coated and Uncoated

$199.00   $140.22

Pantone® Plus Series Premium Metallics Guide: Coated

$99.00   $63.66

Pantone® PLUS Solid Color set (FG + Solid Chips)

$450.00   $328.00

Pantone® Plus Solid Guide Set

$370.00   $329.00

Pantone® Portable Guide Studio

$800.00   $699.00

Pantone® Reference Library

$1,620.00   $1,429.00

Pantone Metallic Shimmers Color Guide

$145.00   $129.00

Pantone Metallic Shimmers Color Specifier

$345.00   $315.00

Pantone® Fashion & Home Paper Specifier replacement pages


Pantone® Fashion, Home & Interiors: Color Guide

$205.00   $179.00

Pantone® Fashion, Home & Interiors: Color Specifier + Guide Set

$805.00   $719.00

Pantone® Fashion, Home+ Interiors Cotton Chip Set

$2,095.00   $1,799.00

Pantone® Fashion, Home+ Interiors Cotton Passport

$585.00   $529.00

Pantone® Fashion, Home+ Interiors Cotton Planner

$945.00   $849.00

Pantone® Fashion, Home+ Interiors Cotton Swatch Library

$6,995.00   $6,199.00

Pantone® 3 Light Booth

$1,495.00   $1,358.95

Pantone® 5 Light Booth

$2,100.00   $1,815.95

Pantone® Formula Scale 3

$3,450.00   $3,150.95

Pantone® Plastics Opaque and Transparent Selector

$3,620.00   $2,899.95

Pantone® Plastics Opaque Selector

$2,195.00   $1,984.95

Pantone® Plastics Transparent Selector

$1,735.00   $1,499.95

Pantone® SkinTone Guide

$99.00   $71.22

Pantone i1 Studio Designer Edition

As Low As:   $539.00



Pantone® Capsure

$770.00   $650.71

Pantone® Capsure with Bluetooth

$790.00   $640.56

Pantone® Color Manager Software

$99.00   $81.96

Pantone® Plastics Tints and Tones Collection

$959.00   $799.95

Pantone® Smart Color Swatch Card in TCX Colors


Pantone, Inc. is the authority on color and an industry leader in accurate color communication technology. It is also the leading provider of complete color systems. Pantones products are invaluable tools for design students, teachers and design professionals. Pantone is a subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated a internationally renowned color authority. Pantone’s matching systems, color guides, fan decks, paint, plastics, etc are used by interior designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, architects, and package designers to name a few.

Pantone is known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS) which is a standardized color reproduction system used by designers to match specific colors to their designs when it enters the production stage. Pantone’s PMS is used in a wide range of industries from print, colored paint, fabric even plastics. Pantone’s CMYK is one way Pantone is standardizing colors. CMYK is a method of printing color using 4 ink colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)