Robert McNeel: The Most Versatile 3D Modeler Software

Robert McNeel specializes in design software development. The company's Rhinoceros 6 is widely acknowledged the world over as the research and development platform of choice. Realizing your design requires drawing, analysis, digital prototyping and fabrication. Discover how McNeel software supports and optimizes your design workflow.

Penguin- Sketch/Cartoon Rendering

$295.00   $77.95

Brazil - Rendering for the CG Artist

$895.00   $149.95

Robert McNeel Rhino 5 School Lab Kits


Robert McNeel Rhino 5

$995.00   $139.95

Robert McNeel Rhino 5 Bundles

$495.00   $388.95

Bongo - Animation for Designers

$495.00   $149.95

Robert McNeel Rhino 6

$995.00   $139.95

Robert McNeel Rhino 6 Bundles

As Low As:   $495.00

Robert McNeel Rhino 5 for Mac

$995.00   $195.00

Flamingo - Rendering for Designers

$95.00   $79.95

Robert McNeel & Associates is a software development company with a focus on 3D modeling and Rendering. Their software titles are commonly used for industrial, automotive, jewelry design and architecture.

Robert McNeel & Associates products, including Rhinoceros 3D, Penguin 2.0 and Bongo, are available at Studica with Educational discounts. Faculty, staff and students can order today and save!