SOLIDWORKS is the most widely used 3D CAD package for both industry and education today. Offering complete 3D software tools that allow you to create, simulate, publish and manage your designs. It is easy to learn and use, allows you to design products better, faster and more cost-effectively. Inspiring innovation, this ease-of-use approach, ensures that more engineers, designers, and other professionals are able to take advantage of 3D to bring their designs to life. What's New in the 2018-2019 Edition. Download Instructions.

SOLIDWORKS Student Edition 2018-2019

$2,995.00   $86.00

SOLIDWORKS is used in many of the top engineering schools around the world. SOLIDWORKS is an easy-to-use, user-friendly 3D CAD design application. As a student SOLIDWORKS will help you develop skills, which will give you a clear advantage in today's job market. The SOLIDWORKS Student Edition will help you learn and develop stills in mechanical engineering, industrial design, sustainable design, engineering and many more.