Symbols for Inclusion and Accessibility

Widgit believes that no matter a person's reading level, he or she should have fair and equal access to information. For over 30 years, this company has pioneered the use of symbol software in learning and communicating. This software is used around the world to create symbol-supported materials in print, onscreen and online. Widgit Symbols opens up the world of information to those otherwise excluded from it.

Widgit Communicate: In Print 3

As Low As:   $200.95

Widgit Communicate: SymWriter 2

As Low As:   $167.95

Widgit Writing With Symbols Bundle

As Low As:   $309.95

Widgit creates solutions to make the world a more inclusive place for children, young people and adults. Text accompanied with symbol support helps people with a range of abilities to communicate, access information and become more independent. Symbols engage people. They are a simple, quick and visual way of communicating information in all aspects of daily life. Widgit's symbol set includes over 40,000 words, which enable people to 'translate' written text by combining it with symbols. 

Widgit Symbols are used throughout various public and private establishments, including: education, home use, local authorities, hospitals, charities, tourist attractions and many more. Using symbols alongside text allows you to get your intended message across more effectively to more people.